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Skin that sees you through so much deserves to feel hydrated and soothed, no matter the season.
Take care of your hardest working skin with targeted treatments that help renew and replenish your hands.
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The Renewal Oil The Renewal Oil


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How do I achieve soft hands?

Hands, often described as the most expressive part of the body, are also the most active. They’re exposed daily to environmental stressors, stripping soaps and drying hot water. As a result, over time, your hands can become dry, look dull and feel rough. Because of this, we believe that hands deserve the utmost care and attention. 

The best way to help soothe dry hands is to regularly use a hydrating hand cream such as The Hand Treatment. Formulated for moisture-deprived hands, this luxury hand cream infused with Miracle Broth™ features a silky-smooth formula that hydrates, nourishes and softens skin in need of TLC.

What is hand cream?

Specifically designed for the thicker skin of our hands, hand cream has a sumptuous and rich texture due to its nourishing oil content, which is found in greater concentration than in our face and body creams. Luxurious hand creams like The Hand Treatment help replenish your hand’s moisture barrier with deep moisture and are designed for dry to very dry skin. The Renewal Oil is a nutrient-rich, multi-purpose oil that can be used on hands in need of extra TLC, softening the look of fine, dry lines.

What is the best way to practice hand care?

To determine what type of care will be most beneficial for your hands, it’s important to identity what causes dry hands in your environment. In addition to minimizing exposure to harsh weather and irritants and wearing daily SPF, a moisturizing hand care routine is key for healthy looking and hydrated hands. A a rich and hydrating hand cream like The Hand Treatment can help replenish your natural moisture balance, and renew your skin’s appearance.

We recommend pausing for a moment of hand pampering on a regular basis. Gently massaging a hand moisturizer into your skin directly after washing or following exposure to harsh elements can help soothe while providing a moment of relaxation. For very dry hands, applying hand cream before bedtime floods skin with hydration. To enhance your hydration hibernation, a pair of cotton gloves worn over hand cream can help create an occlusive environment to help keep in moisture, so you wake with soft, glowing hands.

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