Elevate your self care. These lavish treatments saturate skin in healing hydration and cell-renewing Miracle Broth™ at every touch.
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The Reparative Body Lotion The Reparative Body Lotion
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The Body Crème The Body Crème
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Should I use a body cream or a body lotion?

At La Mer, we recommend immersing skin in head-to-toe healing hydration with a rich body cream or silky body lotion. The main difference between body cream and body lotion is texture. Rich or silky, your choice will be guided by your personal preference. When regularly applied, these treatments effortlessly replenish skin, no matter the season.

In the midst of winter, it may seem like the only way to soothe dry skin is a trip to the tropics. With the right treatments at hand, you’ll discover this isn’t the case. Formulated with a rich and lavish texture, our luxury body cream, The Body Crème, cocoons skin in nourishing, powerful ingredients including Miracle Broth™, high-performance ferments and delivery systems. This body cream for dry skin delivers intense hydration and helps heal dryness, transporting your skin to an ideal state of renewal.

When warm weather arrives, you may prefer a luxury body lotion instead. Light and silky, The Reparative Body Lotion is ideal for daily hydration and keeps skin looking soft, pampered and luminous with a lighter touch.

How can my body care routine result in soft, glowing skin?

Maintaining a body care routine is essential for keeping your skin looking healthy and nourished. If you’re wondering how to treat dry skin, follow these body care steps for soft, supple skin all year long:

Exfoliate with a gentle body scrub or soft, dry brush. To reveal soft skin, use a dry brush to rub away dead skin before getting into the shower. Pay special attention to rough spots, such as knees, elbows and ankles. Alternatively, an exfoliating body scrub can be integrated into your shower routine as needed.

Bathe with care. Opt for a mild body wash with moisturizing ingredients and use lukewarm water to help avoid drying skin out even more.

Reach for a moisturizing body lotion or cream post-shower. Our best hydrating body lotions will hydrate to plump and quench dry skin. With frequent application of a body lotion or cream, you can maintain hydrated, smooth and soft skin.